3D printed ball jointed dolls
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3D printed bjd pet Scorpion

Adopt a Scorpion! His body is 22cm length from chelicera to sting and contains 73 parts.  The Scorpion will be printed from WHITE nylon by Shapeways, stringed and shipped in 3 weeks. The Scorpion comes with COA and carrier bag.

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Dory's treasure subscription

With this monthly subscription, you will get a new 3D printable model of Dory's treasure. It could be the furniture, outfit or even a pet for your 3D printed doll Dory!

$10 per month

 Buy this subscription to get the model of the original doll Dory for free:

3D model ball jointed doll Dory 

All terms are available for purchase separately:

 Term 1. Angel outfit.


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Term 2. Toy's for Dory


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