3D printed ball jointed doll Dory

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Artist ball jointed doll Dory 3D printed out of PLA in flash skin color.


Height: 17cm
Head: 16cm (6')
Chest: 10cm
Waist: 9.5cm
Hips: 11.5cm
Thigh: 5cm  Feet: 2.5cm
Eyes: 6mm

Each LeGrand Doll Dory comes with the handmade eyes (on your choice from 3-4 options), carrier bag and COA.

3D printed dolls are printed out from PLA. After printing we sand faces for smooth surface ready for faceup, we don't smooth the body and it has stripes from printing. 

3D printed dolls are very lightweight, they keep poses better and not yellowing. 

Production time of 3-4 weeks.

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This option allows paying 50% of the doll price. When your doll is ready to be shipped, you will receive an invoice with a secure checkout link.

The order will be shipped when the remaining 50% charged.