Resin ball jointed doll Naomi

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Naomi is 1/4 scale, 17.3 inches (44cm) in heels. 

Naomi has magnetic hands and feet and wears 12mm eyes and 5-6′ wig. She fits standard MSD clothing and shoes.

You can purchase her as a blank doll in Dark Tan or Flash resin with eyes for $330.

Faceup, body blushing, wig, shoes, clothes, and accessories are optional.

Naomi is an artist cast, that means I made her by hand myself! That also means she can have small defects such as bubbles, but I do my best to make them not noticeable or minimal.

For now, Naomi could be shipped in 4-5 weeks, but we do our best to make this period shorter!


Height: 44 cm (17,3″)
Head circumference: 14,5 cm (5,5″)
Eye size: 12 mm
Foot length: 5,7 cm
Waist: 13 cm
Breast: 21,5 cm
Hips: 22 cm.

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